Champaign Jam

SL '94

No Champagne for the Jam


Basically, my heart (and mind) were never really in this league. I had a ten-month old son at home, twins on the way, and my wife was on bed rest 24/7. So I obviously had other things on my mind. I scouted for the draft-not at all, picked John Olerud with the third pick overall, and promptly left the drafting to younger brother Keith.

Keith was up to the task much more than I was, and got me a pretty good team. We had average (Olerud & Jefferies), power (Piazza & Gonzalez) and speed (Alomar & Gant). Gant thusfar has been the steal of all drafts, as he won league MVP, and was the 82nd player drafted.

Overall it was a very solid team, lacking a catcherís arm, outfield arms, defense, and a bench. I also donít think these guys walked very much, but I have no stats to back up this statement.


My probable lineup may or may not have looked like this:

RAlomar 2B
Olerud 1B
Piazza C
Gonzalez RF
Gant LF
Jefferies DH
DHansen 3B
Grissom CF
Trammell SS

Jack McDowell was my ace starter, and Steve "Bedrock" Bedrosian was the star stopper. I also had the infamous Jeff Fassero, who was allowed to pitch more than normal due to a league glitch.

I donít know any specifics about the season. I think we were under .500 at the halfway point, and I traded Gonzalez to Ken, but have no idea who I got in return. My team fared better post-trade, but I think I still struggled to finish above .500. The one thing I think I do remember is sweeping a double-header against Ken with just a few games left to help Keith force a tie.