San Quentin Tarantinos

SL '95a


This season I definitely went into the draft prepared-or so I thought. The two hour train rides back and forth to work every day provided the ideal venue for scouting. Looking back, I did enough scouting-just scouted the wrong things. I definitely put a high premium on extra-base hits, but certainly not nearly enough on walks. These deficiencies had to be made up in the free-agent draft and by trade, but at that point I was too far back already to make up the ground. Here is my probable end of season starting lineup:

1. Justice DH
2. RAlomar 2B
3. Bonds LF
4. Griffey CF
5. Galarraga 1B
6. MWilliams 3B
7. Mondesi RF
8. Trammell (?) SS
9. Karkovice C


I think I started off 7-3, then totally flopped. Early in the season I had Gibson/Carter at DH, Fermin at SS, and Junior Felix Jose were my big pinch-hitters. At the time of the free agent draft I was last in the league in walks, and nobody was getting on for the big guns Griffey and Williams. I then picked up David Justice (.427 OBP) to bat leadoff for me. Then I traded Larry Walker and Chuck Knoblauch for Barry Bonds and Robbie Alomar (there were other guys involved in the trade, but these were the major players). Felix Fermin (aka "the ferminator" or "the detective") was a huge bust at SS, and I dont even remember who finished the season for me there, but I know it wasn’t him. My starting rotation was poor at best, but I had a decent bullpen that certainly led in drug arrests (Howe).

All in all, I certainly had high expectations for this team, but we fell short in more ways than one. But I still considered it a learning experience, as it was probably my first draft in over ten years, and I was still getting acclimated to the nuances of the computer game.