1998 Peace Frog's .500 (without bob) .463 (overall)

I still feel that this team worked well overall. I avoided most of my rookie mistakes by realizing W's and L's on pitcher ratings meant alot, and saving my sentimental picks of grizzled Minnesota veterans for later in the draft. My strategy going in to the draft was to get a very balanced team. Above average offensive players up and down my lineup, and great defense. The weak pitching staff was not my intention but taking Garciaparra, and Biggio with my first two picks sealed that. I did'nt have the one high impact threat in my lineup that I needed to make this team a winner. I'm still happy with the teams win-loss record considering I was near the bottom in both team batting and pitching.

1. Craig Biggio        2B
2. J.T. Snow           1B
3. Nomar Garciaparra   SS
4. Tim Salmon          LF
5. Tony Clark          DH
6. Jim Edmonds         CF
7. Pudge Rodriguez     C 
8. Travis Fryman       3B
9. Rich Becker         RF
(it looked great on paper)

-Garciaparra was the teams offensive MVP, and was the most consistent threat. The offense as a whole seemed streaky at best and it rarely clicked completely. The defense bailed the team out of alot of jams.

This team really sparkled at times, but other times (playing Bob) it seemed pretty hopeless. I hope to get it all clicking in '99.