Summer League Journaltm


League founder, charter member, 6 time champ, 2 time MOY, The Commish.

1994Rhinlander Blue Coatsn/an/a
1995aWalla Walla One-Eyed Wonder Wormsn/an/aDivision Champs, League runners-up
1995b n/an/a
1995cKankakee Egg Noodlesn/an/a
1996Cape Hatteras Hanrahans73-71.507Semi-final loss
1997South Syrinx Friars93-70.571League runners-up
1998Gurnee Ants77-85.475
1999Windy City Tearers82-80.506
2000Thief River Falls Arctic Cats72-90.444
2001Black River Falls Anti-Arctic Cats83-79.512Division Champ, League Champs
2002Zion Nuclear Gnatts 91-71.562Division Champ, League Champs
2003 Ft. Collins Golden Hind 72-90 .444
2004 Windsor Black Widows 94-68 .580 Division Champ, Best Record, Semi-finals loss
2005 Kersey Bambinos 88-74 .543 Division Champ, League runners-up
2006 Mason Corner Avenging Angels 84-78 .519 Division Champ, Semi-finals loss
2007 Central Park Pepitones 96-66 .593 Division champ, Best Record, Spit Cup champs
2008 Avalon Abdicating Monks 88-75 .540 Wild Card, Spit Cup champs
2009 Babylon Black Sedans 91-71 .562 Division Champ, Semi-finals loss
2010 Grenada Survivormen 92-70 .568 Division champ, Best Record, Spit Cup champs
2011 Verdana Salsa Verde 90-72 .556 Division champ, Best Record (tie), Semi-finals loss
2012 Sic Semper Tyrannis 86-76 .531 Wild Card, Spit Cup champs
2013 Greenville Four Winds 106-56 .654 Division Champ, Best Record, Semi-final loss
2014 Tigerton Teal Oxfords 81-81 .500
2015 Corcoran Cranberry Crackle 84-78 .519 Wild Card, Semi-final loss 2-4
2016 Uxbridge Purple Umbrellas 85-77 .525 Wild Card, Semi-final loss 2-4

Ken celebrates the Friars semi-final victory in the '97 playoffs. The celebration was short lived.

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