In 1890, the Brotherhood of Baseball, precursors of today's MLBPA, rebelled against their current "owners'" imposition of a cap on players' salaries by forming a league of their own. Led by shortstop/lawyer Monte Ward, 12 of the 16 Hall of Famers-to-be who were active in 1890-- Ward, King Kelly, Ed Delahanty, Buck Ewing, Hugh Duffy, Hoss Radbourn, Orator Jim O'Rourke, Tim Keefe, Pud Galvin, Dan Brouthers, and even Charlie Comiskey and Connie Mack joined the Players' League. Other PL stars include "Louisville Slugger" Pete Browning, Dummy Hoy and "Georges" Case and Van Haltren.

This season was built "from scratch"-- note the 7/8 error/RP #s per "card", and we suggest Deacon Brown as your default MM, though Rabbit, Ulysses and Ned can handle individual teams fairly realistically. This disk has been extensively playtested, with simmed BAs, FAs and ERAs frequently coming in within .05 variance of "reality", assuming proper usage of the era's "iron man" starting pitchers. The 1890 Players' League is in .alp format, with an "actual" cvs schedule appended.

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