Average players disk

A note from the disk creator, Brien Martin

The promised WINWiz and DOSWiz disks are now completed. These disks were created using the "average" stats by position in 1998 for each league. For example, 1998 NL first basemen had the following average stats:

.282 AVE, 613 AB, 90 R, 173 H, 35 2B, 2 3B, 26 HR, 105 RBI, 53 BB, 111 K
(imagine how much lower these would be without Big Mac's monster season)

These stats were entered into both Wizards to produce cards. Pitchers were rated on the average starter and reliever. Each disk also includes league averages for pinch hitters, designated hitters and pitcher batting stats (remember, both leagues *do* have averages for DH and P ... I love interleague play!!).

Please keep in mind that these disks are meant for testing purposes only. They're for you to look at, to perhaps use (much like Czar Skeeter's Third Base Saloon League disk), to tinker with.

Average fielding ratings were not available, so each fielder has been rated at one less than the "normal" maximum (discounting SS-10 and 3B-6). Thus, if you think that the average AL shortstop was actually a 7, not an 8 ... change the disk.

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