How to move BBW from an old PC/Hard Drive to a new one

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Copy your ma_bb.ini file from the Windows directory on the old PC to the Windows directory on the new PC. For what it's worth, I'm including the steps I always recommend for new PC/BBW transfers (I'm including it, even though you have already gone the "straight copy" route); 1. Use the backup option in League Manager for the replay organizations (remember to back up every org). 2. Then do a full install of the program on the new PC. 3. Use the restore option in League Manager to get the organizations back. 4. Finally, a straight copy from the old PC (or copy to a CD first) for the ballparks and managers (basically every file in the BBW directory). If you do copy to a CD, copy the CD contents into a temp directory on the new PC and remove the Read Only attribute on the files (although, I have noticed that WinXP doesn't seem to copy the attributes of the files from the CD, I'm not sure if that was/is an option, though, so I still suggest caution). The reason for this process is because the only time a straight copy can work is if you remember to copy the ma_bb.ini file from Windows to the new Windows directory on the new PC and if the directory structure is identical on both PCs. However, reinstalling the managers and ballparks are just a pain in the neck, and there is no reference to them in the ma_bb.ini file. If the directory structure is identical, then a straight copy works fine, as long as you remember to bring over the ma_bb.ini file.

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