A utility created by Phil Murray

Editor's note: the following was sent to me by a nameless friend...

The software is called PMBBWOUT by Phil Murray and it came out in 1995. Maybe you remember it. What it basically does is export the raw stats from a BBW organization to a text file that can be easily read into and manipulated by spreadsheet software. I use it religiously to determine players of the week, month, etc. in some of the leagues I participate in as you can generate text files at any point in the season for a BBW organization. And, if players are traded, the stats are reported separately for each team played on.

Anyhow, there are two ZIP files and I was not sure how they should be incorporated: (218k)

This is the main should be unzipped into a temp directory and then run setup from there. I believe that it will run from any directory specified, but I just use the default, which is the BBW main directory. (30k)

This is an upgrade of the pmbbwout.exe executible file. It just needs to be unzipped and written over the .exe in the previous file.

IMPORTANT: You also need to download the Visual Basic runtime libraries to run this program. A lot of people already have them installed on their computer via other programs. If you get a VBRUN300.DLL error when you try and run the setup program, download this file by Clicking here.

As far as I know, Phil is not going to upgrade this software and unfortunately, it has some features that will be perpetually "greyed out" on the menus. However, for those people who want to look at the stats of their organizations and manipulate them as they see fit, this is a great tool. I have successfully used it on all BBW versions from 3.0 to the newly released 5.0.

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