12.07.2013 SL2013 playoffs and Worlds Series
12.03.2013 SL2013 regular season ends
01.30.2013 SL2013 regular season begins, Jim v. Ken in World Series replay
01.30.2013 SL2013 Draft ends (Ludwick)
01.18.2013 SL2013 Draft begins (Trout)

12.08.2012 SL2012 playoffs and Worlds Series at Winter Meetings at Tonk's house, Firkin dinner
12.04.2012 SL2012 regular season ends.
02.02.2012 SL2012 regular season begins, Steve 3 Ken 2
01.27.2012 SL2012 Draft ends (Chris Young)
01.14.2012 SL2012 Draft begins (Bautista)

12.08.2011 SL2011 Worlds Series Chris wins
12.04.2011 SL2011 Semis, Chris 4 Ken 3
11.29.2011 SL2011 Semis, Keith 4 Greg 1
11.27.2011 SL2011 regular season ends.
01.29.2011 SL2011 regular season begins Graham 4 Ken 1
01.27.2012 SL2011 Draft ends (Alexi Casilla)
01.16.2012 SL2011 Draft begins (Bautista)

10.28.2010 SL2010 Semi
10.20.2010 SL2010 Regular Season ends
01.27.2010 SL2010 Regular Season begins
01.25.2010 SL2010 Draft ends (Ramos)
01.10.2010 SL2010 Draft begins (Greinke)

12.03.2009 Sl2009 World Series Graham 4 Keith 3
12.01.2009 APBA releases data disk
11.27.2009 SL2009 Semi Graham 4 Ken 1
11.25.2009 SL2009 Semi Keith over Steve
11.20.2009 FINAL BOB GAMES
02.02.2009 Ken v. Greg in Season Opener, World Series rematch
01.29.2009 SL2009 Draft completes (Gavin Floyd 10YL)
01.16.2009 SL2009 Draft begins (Pujols)

12.05.2008 SL Winter Meetings at Chris' house & all playoffs - Greg beats Keith, Ken over Chris, Ken beats Greg
12.03.2008 Matt v. Steve in Season Closer
12.03.2008 APBA Data Disk released
02.04.2008 Chris v. Greg in Season Opener
01.30.2008 SL 2008 draft completes (Aaron Hill)
01.18.2008 SL 2008 draft begins (ARod)
12.21.2008 Winter Meetings at Chris' house, Dave hosts

12.24.2003 Draft Begins
12.19.2003 Winter Meetings

02.09.01  Draft finishes
01.26.01  Winter Meetings/Draft begins

09.29.2000 Spit Cup Finals. Rosh Hashana, so club closed early.  Chris played 9 holes then picked up 
	Steve at the new Mundelein train station.  We played at Keith's house in Mundelein. Chris 
	dropped Steve off in Pullman about 4 AM