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Also see the Negro League page.

Major League Baseball disks

U-1998S.ZIP - 1998 Preplay Disk (113K)

1954.zip - 1954 season (103k) made by Dave Morris

1877.zip - 1877 season (74K)
1894.zip - 1894 season (162K)
1905.zip - 1905 season (189K)
1906.zip - 1906 season (129K)
1933.zip - 1933 season (140K)
1952.zip - 1952 season (107K)
1976.zip - 1976 season (118K)
1979.zip - 1979 season (191K)
1981.zip - 1981 season(114K)
The above disks (from 1877 to 1981) were created by George Willard. Contact George with any questions, comments, or thanks.

42season.zip - 1942 season (43k)
44season.zip - 1944 season (120k)

The '42 and '44 disks were created by Chuck Partington. Click here for Chuck's installation instructions.
Modern Day All-Stars - A collection of recent greats 1961 to present (401K)

LSalltim.zip - Listserv all time favorites

ofas2.zip - Original Franchise All Stars 2 (25k)

ofas3.zip - Original Franchise All Stars 3 (39k)

The above disks (Listserv all time favs to OFAS 3) were created by Bruce McClure. Contact Bruce with any questions, comments, or thanks.

OFAS4 disk, a 32-team disk similar to the above OFAS disks, but the teams are seperated -- for example, the Senators and Twins have their own teams. Tim Phares (225k) 06.29.99

Birthday disk - and page about it, by Tim Phares tbpsmd@smart.net and Tom Stites shadow1@smart.net

One Time Wonders disk - and page about it, by Tim Phares tbpsmd@smart.net

Minors, Foreign, and Others

Also see the Negro League page.

B-AAA14.BKP - 2014 AAA 5.75 disk B-AAA14.BCK - 2014 AAA 5.5 disk by Bryan Packwood 2014.10.3

2006 Japanese League and 2006 Japanese League Farm Teams by Brad Goodman

pcl33.zip - 1933 Pacific Coast League (24K)
pcl34.zip - 1934 Pacific Coast League (24K)
pcl46.zip - 1946 Pacific Coast League (24K)
il46.zip - 1946 International League (25K)
Gmt.zip - Great Minor League Teams (30K) - featuring '22 Baltimore, '29 Mission, '34 Los Angeles, '37 Newark, '39 Kansas City, '46 San Francisco, '46 Montreal, and '52 Hollywood.

1933 PCL, 1934 PCL, 1946 PCL, 1946 IL, and GMT disks were created by Charles Partington.

U-1976SL.zip - 1976 Southern League (25K) and 1977sl.zip - 1977 Southern League (27K) from Dan Packard

1993nl.zip - 1993 Northern League (25K)

sal94.zip - 1994 South Atlantic League (47K) - players include Alan Benes, Ruben Rivera, Jermaine Dye, Wonder Monds. The league plays 142 games with a DH. Direct any questions to disk creator Scott Parks.

tl1996.zip - 1996 Texas League (7K)

japan.zip - 1995 Japanese Pacific League (20K) - The Japanese baseball season is 130 games long and a new micromanager should be created to take advantage of the different offensive strategies that the Japanese employ, lots of sacrifice hits.

Direct any questions to disk creator Grayden Dough

AA96.zip - 1996 AA disk (92k) - Here is the 1996 American Assoc disk. It can be used for DOS or BBW. Just install it as you would any disk using "Install Data disk" option in BBW or installing it as a normal DOS data Disk for DOS Baseball. Please read the Readme.txt file for more info. This disk contains such soon to be big leaguers as Brooks Kieschnick, Doug Glanville, Brian Giles, Jon Nunally, Rick Helling, Lee Stevens, Brian Anderson and more!!! Enjoy!!
Made by Steve Perry, please contact Steve with comments or questions.

EL97.zip - 1997 Eastern League disk (57k) - from Stan Berger.

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