Welcome to APBA.zip

This site is a free downloads site for files mostly pertaining to The APBA Game Company's main product, Baseball for Windows, with other files for the APBA Baseball board games and some other sports also. But you will find that most files (80%?) posted are for APBA Baseball for Windows.

Nearly every file on this site has been created by people other than me, and sent to me for posting. I'm just the messenger, a lot of people made these files and programs. If you have something you think would be valuable to share with the APBA community, send me an email about it. Most stuff I get is for Baseball for Windows, but I'm still looking for stuff for the board game, and other sports.

A majority of the files available for download on this site are zipped (compressed), with the file extension of .zip. If you do not have a zip program, a good FREE one can be found at winzip.com.