Historic Stadiums

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atlanta.zip - Fulton County Stadium, home plate, c. 1994, nice color picture (397K)
baker.zip - low home plate shot, b/w photo (181K)
bakerbwl.zip - Baker Bowl, first base side, grainy b/w photo (416K)
baltmemo.zip - Memorial Stadium, Baltimore, 1962, home plate, decent b/w photo (219K)
bosbrav.zip - Braves Field, overhead shot from first base side, color (105K)
colt.zip Houston Colt Field - Home plate shot, day and night color graphics (314k)
comisk60.zip - Old Comiskey Park, c. 1960, b/w photo (416K)
comisky1.zip - Old Comiskey Park, a bit grainy, slight 1b side, color photo (322K)
comiskey.zip - Old Comiskey Park, great color renditions of day and night (560K)
crosleyf.zip - Crosley Field, day/night color graphics (272K)
CROSLEY2.ZIP - Crosley Field, very low home plate shot, B/W photo from '48 (284K)
F-hxCROS.zip - Crosley Field, plate shot, somewhat fuzzy graphic, day/night (278K) Leonard Klafta.
ebbets.zip - Ebbets Field, nice pic slightly up 1B side, low, color (670K)
elysian.zip - Elysian Fields, 1865, b/w drawing (430K)
griffith.zip - Griffith Field, Washington, D.C., b/w (75K)
astrodom.zip - Houston Astrodome, home plate, nice color photo (219K)
Kansas City Municipal Stadium, circa 1961, contributed by Brad. 1.4Meg. Day and night views. The day version is a nice picture from behind the plate. The night version is a modified version of the day picture to make it appear to be night. 2008.11.25
kcmncpal.zip - KC Municipal Field, night/day color renderings (313K)
lacolism.zip - L.A. Coliseum, third base, grainy b/w (417K)
LAWrigley.zip - L.A. Wrigley Field, night/day color renderings (343k)
memorial.zip - Memorial Stadium, Baltimore, very nice color painting (146K)
milehigh.zip - Mile High Stadium, home plate, very nice color photo (524K)
municipal.zip - KC Municipal Field, color photo from Spring 1967. Contributed by Ed Shipman. (4.1M)
oakland.zip - Oakland Coliseum, 1972, home plate, color (280K)
oldmet.zip - Metropolitan Stadium, Bloomington, MN, grainy upper deck shot, slight 1B side, good view of field (236K)
pologrnd.zip - Polo Grounds, 1951, 1B side, nice b/w photo (396K)
polonite.zip - Polo Grounds, 1B side, grainy night photo (89K)
F-hxPOLO.zip - Polo Grounds, 1B side, grainy day/night graphic (203K) Leonard Klafta
rfkenned.zip - RFK Stadium, Wash. DC, nice b/w photo (406K)
F-hxRFK.zip - RFK Stadium, Wash. DC, home plate, slightly towards first base, day/night graphic (302K) Leonard Klafta
RFK.zip - RFK Stadium, 2007, slightly third base side of home plate, awesome color shots both day and night (3.2M), contributed by Mark Yow.
shibe.zip - Shibe Park, Philedelphia, PA, (462K)
sportman.zip - Sportsman Park, home plate, very nice night/day color renderings. (998K)
sportsmn.zip - Sportsman Park, slight 1st base side, great pic, b/w. (424K)
westside.zip - Westside Park - Home plate view, slight 1B side, grainy B/W (230K)

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