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B-LVFRAN.BCK - A new negro leagues vs. the MLB disk. Here is a information page about the disk. by Theodore Kerchner at dizzygit@localnet.com 01.13.2004

Pitching letter grades to master number grades conversion chart - Includes the big switch in 2000. 12.29.2003

A link to Mike Miller's Auto-Stat site, with a shareware download of an Excel spreadsheet for compiling Board Baseball stats.

1931 Sporting News page with a National Pastime advertisement (PDF format, requires Acrobat) - lower right hand corner - 924k 11.20.2003

instructions on How to move BBW from an old PC/Hard Drive to a new one 10.24.2003

Cincy_GAB.zip - Great American Ballpark - High overhead shot behind home, great quality color photo (1.6M) by Danny Gillespie - 09.14.2003

Chas_day.zip - Chas_nite.zip - Watt Powell Park in Charleston, WV - Day and night versions - Shots behind home, good quality color photos (both around 1.7M each) by by Danny Gillespie - 09.14.2003

YankDay.zip - YankNight.zip - Yankee Stadium - Day and night versions - High overhead shots behind home, great quality color photos (both around 1.7M each) by Richard Barchfield - 08.29.2003

Updated the Fake Names List with a little help from Dave Walker. 8.28.2003

vet.zip - Veterans Stadium - High overhead shot behind home plate, great quality color photo (1.7M) by Richard Barchfield - 08.27.2003

BOBday.zip - BOBnight.zip - BOBroof.zip - Bank One Ballpark (the BOB) - Day, night, and day time with the roof open - High overhead shots behind home, high quality color photos (all around 1.8M each) by Richard Barchfield - 08.27.2003

shea.zip - Shea Stadium - High overhead shot between home and first, awesome quality color photo (1.9M) by Richard Barchfield - 08.27.2003

edison.zip - Edison Field - High overhead home plate shot, awesome quality color photo (1.65M) by Richard Barchfield - 05.10.2003

Birthday disk - and page about it, by Tim Phares tbpsmd@smart.net and Tom Stites shadow1@smart.net 02.15.2003

One Time Wonders disk - and page about it, by Tim Phares tbpsmd@smart.net 02.15.2003

Negro League page with a new disk of multiple Negro Leagues and seasons. 7.14.2002

Posted an update to TeamBuilder version 1.0.4. See the utilities page for more info about the utility. 03.04.2001.

Posted Blair County Stadium (class AA) in Altoona, PA, compliments of Cpt. Cranky. 02.27.01

Posted the Divisional All-Stars, read about it here. 02.27.01

Posted All-City Baseball disk, read about it here. 02.27.01

Posted Pacific Bell Park stadium backdrop by Alec MacLeod. A combination of photos and graphics, with day and night versions. 10.19.2000.
Posted another Pacific Bell Park stadium backdrop by Paul Angilly. 10.19.2000.

Posted TeamBuilder v.1.0.3, a utility created by Steve. This program will create rosters in an organization from a previous organization. It does this by looking for exact matches in the player names between the two organizations. It then reads the source rosters and attempts to recreate the same team in the target organization. The only files that are changed are the target organization's T000xrs.org files. This is a great tool for keeper leagues! 08.02.00 ~800k

register.zip - Online Player Register - this file includes the database and source code you need to set up an online player register with individual stats, single season and career leaders for your league. More info. 06.15.00

team_ratings.zip - Team ratings for all known APBA football disks, from Joe Yesh. 06.09.00

Posted a Enron Field backdrop for BBW, a nice color shot courtesy of Tom Forbes down in Houston. 4.29.00

Posted the 1998 PBA Bowling Disk, created by Jarrod Miller. 8k 10.20.99

Posted a Safeco Field backdrop for BBW. While not the greatest quality picture, this does include both day and night versions. Created by Chris Morris 357k. 9.27.99

Posted the 1890 Players League Disk. Click Here to read more about it. 8.30.99

Posted updated copy of sal94.zip - 1994 South Atlantic League (47K) - players include Alan Benes, Ruben Rivera, Jermaine Dye, Wonder Monds. The league plays 142 games with a DH. Update includes a .bck file for ease of installation with newer versions of BBW. Direct any questions to disk creator Scott Parks.

Added the PBA Hall of Fame disk and updates to the 1992 PBA disk, 1993 PBA disk, 1995 PBA disk, and 1997 PBA disk. 04.17.99
Added Jarrod Miller's 1988 PBA disk, 1989 PBA disk, 1990 PBA disk, and 1991 PBA disk 4.12.99
Added a text version (15k) and an excel formatted version (39k) of the card numbers for Jarrod Miller's excellent bowling data disks. 2.27.99
Updated the Modern Day All-Stars disk to include the organization backup files. 2.20.99
Updated Jarrod Miller's bowling disk creation utilities to include a bug fix and source code. 2.20.99
Added Jarrod Miller's 1979 PBA disk, 1980 PBA disk, 1981 PBA disk, 1982 PBA disk, 1983 PBA disk, 1984 PBA disk, 1995 PBA disk, 1996 PBA disk, 1997 PBA disk. The '95 disk is an update of a previous version posted here, now includes perfect game data. The others are new to the site. 2.20.99
Added Jarrod Miller's bowling disk creation utilities to the bowling section. 2.16.99
Added the APBA Organization Transfer Wizard from Bob Reimer. Click on the link for more info. 2.9.99
Added '97 Eastern League disk, compliments Stan Berger. 2.9.99

Added bgboards.zip - basic game board enhancements by Dick Moore. In Excel format with Word instructions. In docs section. 12.31.98
Added apbamast.zip - travel copy of master game boards in Works format, from Jeff White. In docs section. 12.31.98
Added 1999 CSV Schedule file and the 1893 CSV Schedule file to the documents page. (Note: You may have trouble downloading these files, as clicking on it may just open it in your browser. To download, right click on the file name, and choose "Save File" or "Save Link" from the pop-up menu.)
Added a bunch of Minor League stadiums, courtesy John Mihaljevic 10.17.98
Added Brien Martin's average '98 player disks and an info page 10.7.98
Added PMBBWOUT to utilities 10.7.98
Added Billy Coleman and Scrap Iron Jones to managers page 10.7.98
Added Great Minor League Teams disk 9.23.98
Added Modern Day All-Stars disk 9.22.98
Added Rosenblatt Stadium and Shibe Park, compliments of Kris Smith 8.26.98
Added link to the APBA Hockey 1997-98 Disk Project, an in-depth development of last year's disk, and possibly disks in the future 8.14.98
Added 1978 PBA disk 8.4.98
Updated the 1986 PBA disk, added 1985 PBA disk and 1987 PBA disk to the bowling page 8.1.98
Added the 1986 PBA disk to the bowling area 7.22.98
Added the 1946 Pacific Coast League data disk to the data disk page 7.22.98
Added Bank One Ballpark 7.3.98

Added DBSTATS.ZIP, stat program for use with card replays, to utility page 6.29.98
Added 1906 and 1933 baseball data disks 6.29.98
Updated '97-'98 hockey disk, corrects a few players' point totals, PIM and PPG. 6.24.98
Added 1954 baseball data disk 6.18.98
Added '97-'98 hockey data disk 6.18.98
Added '42 and '44 MLB seasons to data disk page 5.21.98
Added '96 American Association data disk to disk page 5.21.98
Added Steve Perry's Hockey draft utility v. 1.01 4.30.98
Added 1894, 1952, and an updated 1979 to the data disk page 4.27.98
Added Jasper Nelson to MicroManagers page 4.3.98
Added 1998 Preplay disk and 1877, 1905, 1976, 1979, and 1981 disks to data disk page 3.30.98
Added 1977 Southern League disk to data disks and a couple links to hockey page 3.25.98
Added new version of Turner Field (turn_fld.zip) to stadiums 2.25.98
Replaced convert.exe with updated version, should help with any problems you may have had 2.24.98
Added some better data disk installation instructions to data disk page 2.5.98
Added convert.exe, a printing utility, to utilities page 1.28.98
Added Valdes fix for the '97 disk 1.27.98

Added BBW 4.0 install for Windows NT instructions to documents page 11.25.97

Added Milwaukee County Stadium (milcount.zip), Olympic Stadium (olympic.zip), replaced the Astrodome version with a newer, better one (astrodom.zip), replaced the Tiger Stadium version with a newer, better one (tigersta.zip), deleted two versions of Jacobs Field with one now remaining (jacobs.zip), deleted one version of Dodger Stadium with one now remaining (dodger.zip), added Coors Field (coors.zip) file I had but somehow didn't link to, moved Cashman Field from temp directory to minor league page, moved Jarry Park from temp directory to minor league page, moved Skylands Park from temp directory to minor league page, generally just cleaned up. 12.13.97

Added Westside Park (westside.zip) to historic stadiums and a new version of HiLites (hl201a.zip) to the utilities 12.5.97
Added new Crosley Field (CROSLEY2.ZIP) to historic stadiums and Kingdome (KINGDOME.ZIP) to current MLB stadiums 12.3.97
Added Anaheim Stadium to current MLB stadiums 11.21.97
Added new versions of Jack Murphy Stadium (JMURPHY.ZIP), Kauffman Stadium (KAUFFMAN.ZIP), Camden Yards (camdenn.zip), and Fenway Park (fenway.zip) to Current MLB Stadiums 11.21.97
Added Los Angeles' Wrigley Field and Houston's Colt Stadium to Historic MLB Stadiums 11.18.97
Added 1994 Bowling disk 11.14.97.
Added 1933 and 1934 Pacific Coast League and 1946 International League data disks 10.30.97.
Added Bowling files page. 10.08.97
Added '92 and '93 data disks to the bowling page. 10.08.97
Added Trademate trade evaluator to utilities page. 10.07.97
Added '74-'75 Combined Disk with all NHL and WHA teams grouped into 4 divisions. 9.25.97
Added updated version of the '94 South Atlantic League disk, now contains organizations, rosters, etc. 7.31.97
Added atm.zip, transaction utility, to utilities page 7.12.97
Added '73-'74 and '74-'75 WHA data disks to Hockey page 7.12.97
Added Original Franchise All Star disks 2 and 3 7.12.97
Upgraded Home Run Derby on the utilities page 7.12.97
Added 11 parks to the newly available temp directory 7.10.97.
Finally found KC Municipal, readded to historic stadiums 6.24.97.
Added Turner Field stadium to current MLB stadiums 6.23.97.
Added Blind Catfish Thomas manager 6.23.97.
Added Home Run Derby to utilities page 6.07.97.
Added 1994 South Atlantic League data disk 5.29.97.
Added 1995 Japanese Pacific League data disk 5.29.97.
Split stadium page up 5.24.97.
Added 1996 Texas League data disk 5.24.97.
Added another Sportsman Park 5-07-97.
Added Milwaukee County Stadium 5-07-97.
Added Lackwanna County Stadium (Philles AAA) 5-07-97.
Added data disk page and 1993 Northern League disk. 4-08-97.
Added Jack Murphy Stadium (sd.zip) 3-30-97.

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