APBA Utilities

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How to get ATM working with APBA 5.75 Stolen from APBA message boards. 2015.07.16

makestad.htm - How to create stadiums from images

WIZFIX.zip - If you cannot get your Wizard for Windows program to re-install after loading BBW 4.0, 5.0, or 5.5, run this program with the Wizard disk in your floppy drive. It upgrades the Wizard Program to Version 1.22 (the last and best) and sets it up so that it will load with any version of BBW. From Bill Staffa, 11.22.2005

Pitching letter grades to master number grades conversion chart - Includes the big switch in 2000 12.29.2003

1931 Sporting News page with a National Pastime advertisement (PDF format, requires Acrobat) 924k 11.20.2003

How to move BBW from an old PC/Hard Drive to a new one - 10.24.2003

register.zip - Online Player Register - this file includes the database and source code you need to set up an online player register with individual stats, single season and career leaders for your league. More info: INFO.

atm.zip - utility that allows user to enter transactions, program automatically executes transactions on correct date (233k)

aplus15.zip - A Plus lineup generator version 1.5 (166K)

APLUS206.zip - A Plus lineup generator version 2.6 (206K)

convert.exe - Allows printing to a file BBW items that can normally be printed to a printer (412K)

dbstats.zip - Stats program for use with card replays, includes 38 page instruction document in Word format (255K). Created by David Breeden

dsplcard.zip - displays APBA card (33K)

fixer.exe - fixes Ismael Valdes error on '96 data disk (5K)

hi_lites.zip - HiLites utility that searches replays for hitting streaks, no-hitters, and other highlights (233K)

hl201a.zip - Updated version of HiLites, now is a shareware product which you can evaluate for 30 days prior to registering (1007K)

lgdraft.exe - will create suggested rosters for a draft, for more info visit the lgdraft info page (71K)

Removed Norwood Career Database download, just to go to this link and download the newest version from Phil Murray's site.

playchk3.zip - checks replays, compares players to 'real life' stats, notices if players are overplayed, etc. (71K)

PMBBWOUT - A BBW stat exporting utility. Click on the link to find out more.

pythagor.xls - Pythagorean Won-Loss Spreadsheet, a creation from Brian Murphy. This Excel spreadsheet uses Bill James' Pythagorean Won-Loss Formula using runs scored and allowed to determine expected winning percentages. 06.02.99 (137k)

Statmaster Exporter 2.13 (32k) 6.29.99

TeamBuilder v.1.0.4, a utility created by Steve. This program will create rosters in an organization from a previous organization. It does this by looking for exact matches in the player names between the two organizations. It then reads the source rosters and attempts to recreate the same team in the target organization. The only files that are changed are the target organization's T000xrs.org files. This is a great tool for keeper leagues! ~200k

trade.zip - Trademate - trade evaluator (25k)

Valdes fix for the '97 disk, click here to download and click here for usage instructions and click here to email John Johnson, who created the program.

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